Rules and Regulations

1. Time Sheets for all Sunday Competitions. Members whose names appear on time sheets and are unable to play should immediately notify club.

2. Under no circumstances may a player mark his own Score Card. Score Cards may not be marked within clubhouse.

3. SLOW PLAY: Competitors who are persistently guilty of slow play and unnecessary hold-ups on the course during the playing of a Competition may be disqualified.

4. In all Singles Competitions, where the Committee find that the Competitors are not regularly returning cards, the Committee reserve the right to reduce such members Handicaps under Clause 19.

5. Players in Competitions shall have the precedence both in starting and through the green over players in ordinary matches.

6. A member taking part in any such competition should return his card without delay.

7. COMPETITION CARDS must clearly show the competitor’s full name, his CURRENT HANDICAP, the date of Competition, the actual score at each hole (which must be entered, on completion of the hole) and the signatures of competitor and marker. The starter is not responsible for this.

8. HANDICAPS: It is the duty of every player to report, as soon as possible, to his home club, all scores returned at his or her other club, and scores from open competitions (show standard scratch of day, date, name, clearly). If unable to report a score which war rants a reduction you must immediately revise your handicap in accordance with the rules prior to compet ing in any subsequent competition.

9. PRACTICE ON COURSE: Practice on or playing of hole or holes before a competition effectively disqualifies player or players from successfully competing in the competitions of the day. (Exception Match Play Competitions).

10. GENERAL: No more than two golf balls are permitted by a single player playing a practice round. Practice swings should be kept to a minimum and never on a tee. Personal property including golf clubs and accessories are not covered by the club insurance. Members are advised to take Golfer Personal insurance to cover all risks.

11. Caddie cars shall not be brought on to a green or tees, or not on or inside banks surrounding greens.

12. All complaints should be made in writing to the Secretary, who shall submit them to the Committee, whose decision shall be final.

13. In the event of a difference of opinion as to the application or construction of any Rule, Regulation or Local Rule of the Club, the matter shall be referred to the Committee for decision.

14. If for any cause the Captain or in his absence the Vice- Captain, the Competitions Secretary or members or Competitions Committee, consider it expedient to postpone or abandon any competition, they shall have the power to do so, in any circumstances and at any stage of the competition.

15. In all Competitions players are rigidly subject to the Rules of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club and any Local Rules prescribed by the Committee.

16. The Committee may, for such period it thinks fit, withdraw the use of the Clubhouse and Course from any member or visitor who, in the opinion of the Committee, has infringed any Rule or Regulation of the Club.

17. The Committee may at any time rescind, alter or add to the foregoing Rules and Regulations if they deem it necessary to do so. PRESENTATIONS Prize winners are expected to attend at presentations of prizes as a matter of courtesy. However, if unable to attend, prize winners should arrange to have their prize collected on the occasion. The club will not be responsible for unclaimed prizes.